Real Estate & Housing

Home Real Estate

Stacy Hartgerink, Agent

107 South A Street

Milford, NE  68405


Jantze Group, Inc

525 Arbor Brook Lane

Coppell, TX  75019

972-393-1616 or 214-629-1502 (cell)

Leichty Rentals

2677 West Milford Road

Milford, NE 68405


Milford Housing Authority-Linden Village

1015 Linden Village

Milford, NE  68405



Premier Real Estate Agency

Joe Schluckebier, Agent

517 1st Street

Milford, NE  68405



Pinnacle Realty Group

Mark Meierdierks, Realtor

PO Box 373

Milford, NE 68405


SB22 Properties, LLC

130 Oak Circle West

Milford, NE 68405




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